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So what is OPIndia?

This is an operation in response to India censoring 
'The Pirate Bay' and 'Vimeo' website.

A group of hackers called Anonymous is kind of like a global batman that uses a computer instead of batarangs to fight what they perceive as injustice. As the name implies, Anonymous is now attacking the Indian government. Why? They feel that the government is squashing its citizens’ right to a free internet.

The censorship controversy was provoked by Mr.Kapil Sibal few months back asking to block social networking sites such as facebook, Twitter along with other social networking giants. Indian government is also thinking of bringing the internet censorship bill. A few websites were blocked again this week. This includes torrent sites such as ‘The Pirate Bay’, ‘BitSnoop’,’PasteBin'(One of my Fav). No private ISP ever accepted that they have started blocking any website. Later all blocked websites were accessible.

Now this time, this censorship move has caught attention of famous Hactivist group Anonymous. The twitter account associated with Anonymous for OPIndia [@opindia_revenge]

According to Medianama those websites have been blocked because of John Doe order taken by Copyright Labs, Chennai, from the Madras High Court, for preventing piracy of Tamil Films Dammu and 3.[what really ??? Who watches this in rest of India??]

Some people can still access Vimeo and The Pirate Bay. It seems that the sites were initially blocked by Reliance, followed by Airtel. The users who faced the blocking got a message saying that this was due to a DOT regulation, but later the message said that it was because of a court order.

In my opinion India should stop acting like China.

Press release as below :
Press release done by Anynomous


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